What we can help you with

Social Media »
  • Are you utilising Social Media to improve the experience of your delegates?
  • Do you have the skills and resources required to effectively use these channels?
  • Are your social media efforts achieving their promotional and commercial goals?
Format and Frequency »
  • Have your events evolved in the last 20 years? Do you believe that there could be a different way of doing things?
  • Are you serving your membership and the market correctly?
  • Is there an opportunity to increase the frequency of established events?
Growth Strategies »
  • Do you believe that your events should be bigger and better but are struggling to get there?
  • Could you add extra dimensions or streams to your event?
  • Would the event support an exhibition?
  • Are you leveraging your events to their maximum to generate both profits and membership?
New Event Launches »
  • Have you got an idea for a new event that you would like to develop and test its commercial feasibility?
  • Do you need the resources to test new ideas and provide a business and implementation plan?
  • Do you need somebody to project manage the launch of a new event?
Globalisation »
  • Do you think that some of your events may travel well?
  • Do you need a true market assessment of the opportunities to export your event to another country?
  • Do you already attract attendees from other countries to your event and believe that with more targeted international promotion could expand your programme and/or participation?
Resource Management »
  • Is your events team running effectively?
  • Is your organisational structure what it should be?
  • How much time are volunteers spending on your events? Could their time be used more efficiently?
  • Are you struggling to attract new volunteers, are you managing them efficiently and are you rewarding them adequately when they are on board?
Financial Management »
  • Are your events being run as efficiently as possible? Would you benefit from a new perspective on your cost base?
  • Could you benefit from a line by line review of your event costs? How do they compare with the best in the business?
  • Are you making the most of your strengths in contract negotiations with suppliers?
Sales »
  • Are you sure that each new business opportunity is appropriately followed up and secured?
  • What is the growth potential of your event? How do you identify where this should come from? How do you make it happen?
  • What are your repeat business rates? Could they be better?
  • What contact management and pipeline management system do you have? Is it linked to any other system?
  • Does your sales team have access to effective business intelligence and pipeline information?
  • What are your competitors doing?
  • What research plans do you have in place to expand your reach into the market?
Sales Resources »
  • Do you struggle with sales resources at peak times?
  • Is your sales team functioning as it should? Do you have issues retaining your best people?
  • What are your conversion rates like? How do they compare to the best in the business?
  • Do you believe that your sales team could benefit with bespoke sales training?
  • Are you incentivising your team so that your ambitions are aligned and you are maximising potential?
Business Development »
  • Have you reached out to the entire potential market of commercial supporters to maximise revenue?
  • Have you developed all the key partnerships that will help your events succeed? Commercial or not-for-profit?
  • Are your events reaching non-members and are you subsequently converting them into future active members of your organisation?
  • Could you collaborate with any of your competitors joining forces for a stronger and more diverse event?
Marketing and Promotion »
  • Do you have the process and systems in place to realistically monitor the effectiveness of every pound you spend on marketing and promotion?
  • Are your campaigns working? Do you have the tools in place to assess efficacy?
  • What is the cost of acquiring new ‘customers’?
  • How much time and money are you spending trying to keep your existing ‘customers’?
  • Are you utilising your content effectively and tailoring your messages for the audience?
Website Optimisation »
  • Are your event websites providing an effective tool for disseminating information and generating income?
  • Are they suitably promoting your supporters and volunteers?
  • Do your events have standalone URLs or are they housed within your main site?
  • Is it easy to navigate your site and is it fit for purpose?
  • Does your programme content flow through directly to your website or do you have to manage multiple systems?
  • Are your event websites Search Engine Optimised?
Content and Programme Development »
  • Is it becoming increasingly difficult to develop timely and relevant content or, do you have too much that you are struggling to cope?
  • Is it time to refocus the scope of your event?
  • Are your APPs enhancing the experience of delegates and visitors?
  • Are you leveraging your content, both on site and after the event, to its maximum potential?
Public Relations and Media »
  • Are you making enough noise about how great your events are? Do you have access to people that others would simply dream of and should you be shouting about it?
  • Have you exploited all Public Relations opportunities to drive attendance and exhibitors to your events?
  • Are your customers/members/exhibitors reaching out to their contacts to help promote your events?
  • Are your crisis management plans in place and functional?
  • Would you, your board and your senior staff benefit from bespoke media training?
Customer Services »
  • Is each customer opportunity being acted upon and maximised?
  • Do you frequently ask your stakeholders what they want and ensure your events and services are targeted to their needs?
  • Are you serving all customers of your organisation with events focusing on their interests?
  • Are all your customer contacts promoting the benefits of your mission?
Market Research »
  • Do you use surveys effectively? Are you asking the right questions?
  • How do you use your data? Are you making good use of survey results?
  • How do you measure successful stakeholder engagement and account management?
  • Do you know who your competitors are and what they are doing?

The goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army.

Jay Baer


Let us help you maximise the commercial and membership potential of your events.